Suction Liner System
  • Highly flexible and transparent suction liner bag.

           *  Super durability. Product would not damage even under

              toughest transport conditions or application.

           *  Less transport cost. Approximately %65 less box

              dimension compared to the same quantity of traditional


           *  Less storage cost.

           *  Less environmental waste.

           *  Economic.

  • Centralized and ergonomic removal handles.

           *  Easy suction liner removal with one hand

  • Fully automated quality control on each product. 
  • Wide measuring scale visible from 270 degrees for easy reading.
  • Canister scale accuracy: +/- 30ml.
  • Built-in brackets of canister provides easy mounting on walls, rail supports and trolleys.
  • Different suction tube options are available.
  • FDA registered.
  • CE marked.
  • Latex free.
05TD0129 2L Canister with Vacuum Connector
05TD0023 Suction Liner 2000 ml
05TD0094 Extension Tube 180 cm with Connector
05TD0013 Silicon Tube
05TD0126 Screw-Wall Plug Set for Wall Hanger
05TD0128 Rail Hanger
05TD0136 Serial Connection Pipe
05TD0045 Serial Connector
05TD0177 Vacuum Control Valve
05TD0125 Canister Trolley - Stainless Steel